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Samsung Galaxy S5 Copper Gold, 16 GB
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Review for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-32GB-LTE-Gold_239097_6fc4d698be47e144d5afabaca1c9875aAlthough the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in India is yet to be announced at the time of writing, the smartphone is currently one of the most anticipated mobiles on the market today. Everything from the relatively simple design to all of the integrated features help to make this a real standout option for buyers in India who are thinking about purchasing a new phone. Those who have used the GS4 will be quite familiar with the design, as it is quite similar. It’s the little design features, such as the home button shape, that is more rounded than on previous versions, where the changes to design become more obvious. Overall, the quality phone is making many users quite happy.

Great Features

The Galaxy S5 is just slightly larger than the Galaxy S4 was. The new phone is 5.1”, while the older model was 5”. The phone is durable, with one of the most impressive features being that it is waterproof.

The phone features a nice 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front sensor. The old phone had a 13-megapixel camera. The cameras can take some nice shots as well as record great videos. Another upgrade to the phone is the battery, which is larger. It can offer 21 hours of talk time, and 16 days of standby time on just a single charge.

Two of the other features that are new to this model are the fingerprint scanner and heart scanner. You can use the fingerprint scanner for making mobile payments as well as to unlock the phone. It’s right on the home screen, easy to use, and quite accurate. Users can add profiles for up to three different fingerprints. This can be helpful for those who perhaps share the phone, or so someone can open the phone in the event of an emergency.

The heart rate monitor is another new and interesting feature that some users will certainly enjoy. Those who enjoy exercising, for example, can use the monitor to check their heart rate. It launches right from the included S Health 3.0 application. This app also features an exercise tracker, pedometer, and fitness coach.

Choices Galore

Buyers in the India will find quite a few buying options for the Samsung Galaxy S5. First, they can determine just how much storage space they need. The S5 will be available in India in 16 GB and 32 GB for those who need a bit more space. Buyers will find some great color options as well. The phone is available in the regular black and white models, but that’s not all. You can also find gold and electric blue options available for those who might want a phone that’s a bit different from the others out there. You can also find plenty of accessories.

These phones will be hitting the shelves here soon, with the prices still to be announced. Chances are that the price will be in line with many of the other phones on the market, which should be welcome news to buyers. This is a high-end, high quality phone that offers up a wealth of great features that meet and exceed the needs of most users.

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